Stickers Reload and how to create white outline in Procreate on iPad

Spoiler: below I will describe my steps on how to create white outline in Procreate!

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That is the first thing I wanted to say. And the second one will be useful for those of you who are creating stickers on iPad. Below I will give you all my steps on how I create a white outline in the Procreate app. For you and for me (just in case if I forget :))

Step 1.

First of all, paste the image of the future sticker and make sure it has a transparent background. Then copy the layer with the image. At this stage you should have two identical layers with a transparent background. Please refer to this picture for more details.

Step 1 – copy the layer with your image
Step 2 – enable Alpha lock for the top layer

Step 2.

Enable Alpha lock for the top layer.

Step 3.

Pick the white color and then select the Fill Layer option for the top layer with Alpha lock enabled. This will change the image color to white (see next step).

Step 3 – Fill Layer with white
Step 4 – Disable Alpha lock

Step 4.

Now please disable Alpha lock.

Step 5.

While Alpha lock is disabled, make sure that the layer with the white shape is still selected and choose Adjustments > Gaussian Blur.

Step 5 – select Gaussian Blur
Step 6 – set the value for Gaussian Blur

Step 6.

Pinch with your finger and pull to the right until the desired blur value is set at the top. I usually set ~10% for Gaussian Blur.

Step 7.

After that choose Selection and make sure that Automatic option is set.

Step 7 – Automatic selection
Step 8 – automatic selection and adjustment

Step 8.

Click on the white shape and it will be automatically selected. Note: If the entire canvas is selected after clicking, you need to adjust the selection. To do this, press and drag your finger to the right/left so that the selected area is bounded in blue. See the picture for reference.

Step 9.

When the desired area is selected, create a new blank layer at the top.

Step 9 – create a new layer
Step 10 – Fill Layer with white

Step 10.

Choose the Fill Layer option for the new layer. Make sure white is still selected. Or any other color you need for the outline 🙂

That is it – your white outline is now ready! Remaining: drag the original image to the very top and remove the layer with the Gaussian blur. See images below.

how to create white outline in Procreate Step 11
Step 11 – Drag and drop the original image to the very top
how to create white outline in Procreate Step 12
Step 12 – Remove the layer with Gaussian Blur

Feel free to let me know in the comments if this information was useful to you. I always welcome any feedback!

Thank you and have a great day!


P.S. I also wrote a post on how to create a white outline in Adobe Illustrator.

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