Why I love sketching

Hello! I should try to write posts here regularly, now that I’ve decided to have my own site. So far I don’t have any plan of what to write about, I just want to show my work here and maybe write about something from time to time. And today I want write about why I love sketching.

Why do I love sketching? For the time spent sketching! You don’t have to spend weeks to get a great result. And, of course, because when you travel, you get to sketch the highlights, the most memorable moments. And then it’s so nice to flip through the sketchbook!

Why I love sketching

Generally, I think I started with watercolors – probably the most popular tool for urban sketching. But when I started, I painted more botany. And I started doing architecture sketches with markers. What is more I did not want to do it with markers, my sister Olga wanted to do it, so I went to my first workshop with her for the company. And I fell in love 🙂 Now I very rarely use watercolors, and mostly I use pens, but lately I have been drawing on a tablet, i.e. using paint brushes in Procreate application on iPad.

I’ve got a lot of sketches saved up already, recently I even had to transfer my entire database from my tablet to Creative Cloud to make room in Procreate. Today I’m going to show you one of the sketches I drew this year. And I’ll try to post sketches every week.

Thank you!


P.S. Please see my sketches here and in my Instagram account.

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