Springs of Mariánské Lázně

Happy Saturday! Today I share the last puzzle piece from our trip to Mariánské Lázně 🙂 I added some of the springs of Mariánské Lázně we visited: Rudolfův pramen, Ferdinandův pramen and Křížový pramen.

I also added a monument to the Synagogue, which was placed not far from our hotel. I wondered why there were so many little stones on top of this monument: Google says it’s a tradition, and the stone here is like a sign of infinity.

Interesting fact: A few days later we found an old Jewish cemetery in the woods near Mariánské Lázně. Below are the pictures. I would like to share a short video with you, but I am not allowed to upload such big files 🙁

I hope you find these photos as interesting as I do. I was not trying to scare you!



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P.P.S. Here is the official web pages of ML if you are interested.

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