Travelbooks and souvenir stamps

What is a travelbook? For most people, it is a small brochure attraction’s info center with a history and map of the place. But for us sketchers, it also means a special notebook in which you can sketch out main sights of a place. Also you can put tickets, pictures, and, if particular sightseeing location allows it, souvenir stamps! In other words, it is a little book of memories of your trip.

As for me, I like to have a separate sketchbook for long travel and, if it is one-day trip, one or two sketchbook spreads with a topic about sightseeing location. I like to create my own sketches on these sheets, add some stickers, history of the place, leaves/flowers from that place and, of course, I always check if I can put a souvenir stamp on my pages. Let me tell you about souvenir stamps.

What is a Souvenir Stamp?

Souvenir stamps are decorative stamps that are typically offered at various sightseeing places, such as national parks, landmarks, museums, or cultural sites, as a way for visitors to commemorate their visit. These stamps are not official immigration stamps but rather collectible items that tourists can voluntarily obtain.

Souvenir stamps are usually available at designated stamp stations or visitor centers within the sightseeing place. These stations may have ink pads, stamping tools, and a selection of unique stamps for visitors to use. You can own a Stamp book (that can be often purchased in the same visitor center) or just notebook (sketchbook in my case).

Where to find a souvenir stamps in Prague? Vyšehrad

There are many places in the Czech Republic where you can find one or more souvenir stamps! There is even a special website where people share their stamp finds 🙂

Make a souvenir stamp in Vyšehrad

In this post I will tell you where and how to make a souvenir stamp in Vyšehrad, Prague.

You can get to the Vyšehrad by public transport (trams, buses, and the metro). You will need Vyšehrad metro station, or Vyton or Vyšehrad bus/tram stop. I think the easiest way to find the Info Center with souvenir stamps is to enter the Vyšehrad area through the Táborská brána. (Táborská Gate). Once you reach the Vyšehrad/Vyton station, you can proceed to the Vyšehrad Táborská brána by foot. Please refer to the map I have attached here 🙂 This is another good way to use travelbooks!

So, when you enter the Vyšehrad area and continue your way to the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, you will see Informační Centrum Špička (Information Center Špička). Just enter the door and then you will find out everything yourself 🙂 In this center you will also find beautiful postcards, if you are sending them while travelling. And after that I highly recommend to walk around and see all the places in Vyšehrad, such as Rotunda of St. Martin, Vyšehradské sady, Bystro Cafe with amazing coffee and others.

Collecting souvenir stamps and keeping the travelbook can be an enjoyable way to remember your travels and create a unique collection of memories. Are you inspired to have your own travelbook? 🙂

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