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This is a continuation of my previous post about Sketcher’s art supplies – markers, pencils and liners. Today I am going to tell you about my sketchbooks and what my criteria are for choosing a sketchbook for markers.

I drew in different sketchbooks: with thick and thin, smooth and textured paper, spring-loaded notebooks, glued and stitched notebooks, and in different formats – A4, A5, square, and so on. Let me describe my 10 sketchbooks (honestly, I have more) and then I will list my preferences for the sketchbook properties that work best with markers for me. Please note that the below is not an advertisement, I will not receive any commission, these are my honest recommendations.

My sketchbooks

Saturday Sketch sketchbooks - Etot Sketchbook

Etot Sketchbook

This is a pretty old sketchbook of mine from 2016, which I bought is Russia at etot_sketchbook store.

Main parameters: 160gsm white paper, 64 pages and size is 15 x 15cm (I love square formats!).

It does not have a bookmark and a elastic band, but I think that is because I bought it in 2016 and those little things have been added since then, including plastic pages to keep the neighboring page from getting dirty. By the way, this was my first sketchbook ever, and I think the paper is great for markers and other materials.

Talens Art Creation

I am excited about sketchbooks from Art Creation! They have great paper, slightly creamy, but markers lay on it perfectly. They also offer my favorite square format and those little but nice details like bookmark and elastic band. And on top of that, the price of the sketchbooks is very low!

Main parameters: 140gsm creamy paper, 80 pages and different sizes – I have 13 x 21cm and 12 x 12cm.

Saturday Sketch sketchbooks
Saturday Sketch sketchbooks - Maxgoodz
Saturday Sketch sketchbooks
Saturday Sketch Maxgoodz sketchbook


I have several Maxgoodz sketchbooks. And all of them are perfect. My small sketchbook is 15 x 15cm with a hard cover and includes a elastic band. The other sheets I have (13 x 21cm) are paperback and have no extra details, but I think they are beautiful because of their simplicity and quality. The main thing is the paper – they offer one-sided (160gsm) and two-sided (220gsm) paper. The two-sided paper is harder to draw on (especially if you like to mix colors and make smooth gradients), but it allows you to draw on both sides and you do not have to use extra paper or plastic pages to prevent leaks onto adjacent pages! And you can still do gradients, you can check out my sketches in a sketchbook like this – tour for Sketchbook 2021.0.

I also have a leather cover, which is handy in that it keeps the sketchbooks paperback and can be reused when you finish your sketchbook. Perfect accessorize for travel sketchers.


I have had this sketchbook from Art collection for quite some time now, but I still have not finished it. Probably it is because it is not very good for markers. I find it hard to stay within the borders and the ink blurs beyond the outline of the sketch. But maybe I should use my markers lightly and not add too many colors? 🙂

Anyway, the color of the pages is slightly creamy, and this notebook has nice little things: a bookmark, an elastic band, and even a back pocket! Main parameters: 165gsm paper, 104 pages, and size 13 x 21cm.

Saturday Sketch sketchbooks - Moleskine
Saturday Sketch sketchbooks - SMLT

SMLT Bristol sketch pad

I have Authentic Pad spiral sketchbook from SMLT Art with only two sketches inside so far. I like the paper, but probably my issue is that I do not like to draw in spring-loaded notebooks. Otherwise, the sketchbook is good. I like that it allows you to pull out the page with the sketch neatly due to the special slot near the spring.

Main parameters: 185gsm white paper, 30 pages, and A5 format.

SMLT Art promised a gift to their Instagram followers who posted using #smltart, and if the post seemed very creative or surprising from unexpected places.

Nina Cosford Sketchbook

I am a big fan of Nina Cosford art and when she launched her line of sketchbooks, I did not hesitate for a minute! You might think that Nina does not draw with alcohol markers and this notebook is not the best choice, but this paper actually works very well with markers! Now I am drawing in this sketchbook and I enjoy every moment 🙂

100gsm cream paper, 80 pages, size 18 x 22.5 cm, and includes bookmark, elastic band, and back pocket.

Saturday Sketch sketchbooks

Leuchtturm 1917

I have my favorite square-format sketchbook, and I have been slow to draw in it, probably because the 22.5 x 22.5cm size is too big for me right now. But alcohol markers and this paper are compatible, so hopefully I will finish this sketchbook soon too. 🙂

The sketchbook has a bookmark, an elastic band, a back pocket, and stickers for signing after finishing the sketchbook – nice little things!

Main parameters: 150gsm white paper, 112 pages, and 22.5 x 22.5cm size.


It is a local Czech design studio that produces a small series of sketchbooks and papers. I have not started this sketchbook yet, but I tried my markers on its paper a little bit and they went on great. More updates are coming here after I start sketching. I love the aesthetic of this notebook: it looks so vintage and in my favorite colors – green textile cover with red elastic band. I am slightly worried about spiral, but we will see.

Main parameters: 160gsm paper, 120 pages, and A5 (15 x 21cm) size.

Saturday Sketch sketchbooks - Cappuccino Book

The cappuccino book

Honestly, I bought this sketchbook because I am addicted to stationary and coffee! But Hahnemühle is known for their amazing paper, and I believe sketching experience in this sketchbook will be great too. The color of the paper is coffee brown, so I am hoping it will give an extra effect to future images. And you do not have to start with a white blank sheet! 🙂

Main parameters: 120gsm paper, 80 pages, and A5 (15 x 21cm) size. Includes a bookmark!

Unknown ART Sketch Book

This is a very large A3 spring-loaded sketchbook with 130gsm white paper. I tried my markers on its paper and it went well. So I decided to create my own sketchbook using the paper of this large sketchbook, and I am going to describe my process in the next post. Will you be looking for it? 🙂

Have a great day!


P.S. I promised to tell you about the criteria by which I choose my sketchbook. The above list of sketchbooks is not sorted by my preferences, and I cannot say that any one of them is “the only” perfect one. I like all of them. My preferences would be as follows:

  • The paper should be smooth and thick enough for the markers to be perfectly laid out.
  • Stitched sketchbook pages, not on a spring!
  • Square format. 🙂 For some reason I am more comfortable drawing in a square, and I can make a nice spread if necessary.
  • Small size so I can put the sketchbook in my backpack and draw while travelling.
  • Little nice things are important! Mostly I need elastic band.
Saturday Sketch sketchbooks

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