October Wallpapers

October is here! I hope it found you well and happy. And from me, please find October wallpapers here in this post. Download them below and feel free to tag me on Instagram if you use my picture as your phone wallpaper. I would love to hear back from you!

October is pumpkin month, so I drew them for the wallpaper and also prepared an old legend about Jack the Pumpkin. I hope you find it interesting. Let me know in the comments if you have heard other exciting rumors about Jack 🙂

Legend about Jack the Pumpkin

Blacksmith Jack liked to drink so much that he would do anything for a drink, even accept help from the devil. One day Jack invited the devil to keep him company, and when it was time to pay, he suggested that the devil turn into a coin. Devil agreed, but Jack hid this coin in the pocket where he kept the cross which is destructive for devil! The devil, to get rid of this, promised the blacksmith 10 years of quiet life.

As time passed, devil came for Jack again. This time Jack asked him for one last wish – to eat an apple. So devil climbed up the tree and the blacksmith immediately scratched a cross on the trunk. To get down, devil had to promise Jack not to take him to hell.

Soon the blacksmith died. He was not allowed into heaven because he sinned too much. Hell would not take him either. So Jack had to go wherever he wanted to go. The devil threw a burning coal after him. Jack put it in a pumpkin with slits cut out to light his way in the netherworld. It is said he still roams to this day, carrying a pumpkin lantern or “Jack’s lamp” in his hands.

Thanks to this legend, the pumpkin is associated with the light that helps unfortunate sinners find their way to hell.

Happy October! 🙂


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