November wallpapers

November Wallpapers

Happy November! Can you believe it is the last month of Autumn 2022? I did not notice how time passed, and these November wallpapers were created at the last minute and very quickly!

Download November freebie below and feel free to tag me in social media if you use and enjoy my quick sketch 🙂

A little bit about Tits

Tits are the most common birds in the Czech Republic. In any feeder you are most likely to meet a tit 🙂 Here is what you can put in a tit feeder:

  • Slices of dried or fresh apples.
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Please make sure they are not salted and not fried.
  • Unsalted lard. This is a favorite delicacy of tits!

What you are not allowed to add to the bird feeder (not just for tits):

  • Fresh bread – it swells up and makes the bellies hurt. Plus bread contains salt and sugar, which are also bad for birds.
  • Chips and other snacks: salted nuts, pretzels, etc.

I hope you found this information helpful and will take the chance to feed and watch the tits! 🤓

Thank you!


P.S. Also check this category with all freebies from me 😉

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