My vector progress

Good evening, As I wrote earlier, I recently focus more on vector graphic. I participated in online classes by Turbinushka and enjoy every minute of every lesson! It’s been a long time since I received so much useful information about online courses. Probably the reason is that I had too many of them. So todays post is about my vector progress.

I have already done two homeworks and today I want to share with you my second homework. As for the first one, I am so happy with my result so I decided to “extend” this homework and create a big package of icons to add them to my Creative Market shop. This is allowed, because each homework is individual, and I designed and created first icons myself. I will not be shy and say that my first icons were accepted by teacher without any edits! 🙂

My vector progress

So here is my second vector illustration: my workplace. This almost corresponds to my real workplace. The only exception is that my husband’s computer is usually placed next to my computer. But someday I will have my own desktop and a large rack with books and all my creative staff 🙂

I would be very glad to hear your opinion about my vectors or something about my workplace in the comments. And any questions are welcome!

Thank you and have a great week!


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