January 2023 wallpaper

January 2023 wallpaper - yellow car under snow

Happy New Year!

This year I decided to review and update list of perks for all my subscribers! 🙂 Please read more details and information about free items including January 2023 wallpaper below.

Every month I will send an email with the latest posts, announcements, and bonuses for free! What perks will you receive? 

  • A demo of my upcoming digital products. It includes a set of stickers ready to be printed and cut out (Cricut or by hand with scissors) or used digitally, such as on social media.
  • Phone wallpaper with my sketches drawn for this month.
  • A special gift I will add to your order. Stay tuned, I will have a new gift every month!

So, in January I prepared the following items for you:

  1. Small demo of my upcoming product “Ahoj, Prague!” (full version will be available in my Creative Market shop soon). You will receive a link to this product as soon as you confirm your subscription or in the monthly newsletter sent on the 1st of each month. Some information about this set:
  • JPEG file (A4) with visible outline to cut stickers manually
  • PNG file (A4) with transparent background and white outline for cutting out stickers using Cricut or similar devices
  • PNG file (A4) with the same background as on JPEG file
  • 10 isolated elements with white outline (PNG, transparent background)
  • 10 isolated elements with no outline (PNG, transparent background) so you can use them in social media

Please note that these stickers are for personal use only.

2. Download January 2023 wallpaper below and do not hesitate to tag me in case you want to share it in social media!

Prague street postcard

3. Also, for all subscribers, I will add “Prague Street” postcard in every order placed in January. Stay tuned, next month there will be another gift for the order 🙂

Please let me know what you think about those updates or if you have any questions, I will be glad to get any feedback from you!

Thank you and have a great 2023 year.


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