Hello World! Sketch on iPad

Hello World!

Hello World!! I want to dedicate this blog to my drawings and sketches so that you can follow my work and, if you are interested, develop with me.

And today I’m going to show you the process of drawing my first sketch on iPad. The very, very first one, the one I drew in the Skillshare lesson from Asya Aleksandrova. Asya said that the sketch turned out a bit “plasticine”, but I still (and still) like it 🙂

Timelapse video of my sketch, Procreate

I don’t know if I can upload a decent quality video of the process here, but if so you can also watch it on my page in Instagram.

I also draw in sketchbooks using markers. And I also take some photos and videos of my processes and show them in my Instagram stories as well. But maybe they should be shown here too. What do you think?


P.S. About me page.

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