Happy New Year! 🎊

For #saturdaysketch today I prepared Heidelberg details 🤓

Attaching link to very interesting video about this city, probably someone will take a look?
⚠️ Warning: after the video, you really want to see the city and then go back there again and again and again…

✔️ A huge antiquarian bookshop visited 📚 I’ll show you my catch later 🎣

✔️ Ancient brecel standards found on the walls of the Church of the Holy Spirit 🥨

👄 Did not get the student’s kiss though, will have to come again! About 🍫 «Student’s Kiss» please see the video.

Best wishes!


P.S. Check out my shop! Here is sticker sheet with Heidelberg details and also I have set of postcards from this city!

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