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St. Mikuláš Day

In the Czech Republic, children receive their first batch of Christmas presents as early as 5 December, the eve of St. Mikuláš Day.

St. Mikuláš Day is celebrated on 6 December, but related activities in the Czech Republic traditionally take place the day before, on 5 December. On this day, you can find Mikuláš, who is reminiscent of Santa, and the angel and devil accompanying him in the squares and streets of Czech towns. Angel and devil help him evaluate whether or not a child deserves a present for the way he or she has behaved during the year. To earn Mikulash’s favour and a treat (sweets, fruit or nuts), the children tell short poems.

Around 5 December it is a tradition to put up a Christmas tree in the Czech Republic. All Christmas markets are usually open by this day.

Can you feel Christmas spirit in the air? 🙂

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