About me


My name is Tatiana. I live in Prague, and I love drawing! In 2019* I graduated my first sketching course (classes took place on Saturdays – hence the name of my blog) and became “slow traveler”: I always have sketchbook or iPad in my backpack and I draw anywhere and every spare minute.

Architecture is my main source of inspiration, but I also try to notice the beauty in everyday life and draw everything I see: tools and other kind of staff from my desk, tickets and packages, books I read, stones, leaves and other treasures I find during my walks, and so on.

Drawing people is a big challenge for me, but I have already had a few attempts, and I intend to continue. And I am currently studying vector graphics.

On my blog, I share sketches and interesting facts from my travels and everyday routine in the hope of inspiring you to keep your memories alive in journals and travel books. And you will find my sketches and graphics in the form of postcards, stickers, bookmarks and even enamel pins in my shop! Would you like to use some of my images for your personal or commercial projects? Email me and I will get back to you with all the details!

*I have painted before – I have a couple of marker sketches dating back to October 2016. And during that time I was actively painting with watercolor (from 2015, if my Instagram is to be believed). In 2017-2018 I got into lettering and that was my main motivation to buy an Apple Pencil 😉

A few “historical” pictures 😉

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